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Words That Sell

The words and phrases you use in your marketing and advertising copy are very important.

Words can either add power (and hence increase your success) to your copy or help to kill it off (reduce your success).

Over the years I've collected and "swiped" a list of power-packed words that sell and words that hinder the sale.

Familiarise yourself with both these types of words and phrases and your writing will burst with power.

Words That Sell: The 55 Most Persuasive And Powerful Words In The English Language


Gain Health Value
Happy Healthy Advice
Trustworthy Safe Wanted
Good-looking Safety Announcing
Comfortable Right Your
Proud Security People
Amazing Winnings Why
Sensational Fun Fast
Remarkable Discover Win
Revolutionary Bargain Cash
Startling Hurry Results
Miracle Free Easy
Magic New Proven
Offer You Guaranteed
Quick Sale Love
Challenge Introducing Benefit
Compare Save Alternative
Improvement Money Now


Sprinkle these words that sell throughout your ads and sales letters, and you WILL see a remarkable upsurge in sales.

Don't Use These 'Killer' Words

These words make people lose interest and even stop them reading. They are a collection of negative words, and words that imply "work" for the reader.


Buy Decision Worry
Obligation Deal Contract
Failure Liability Pay
Bad Hard Owe
Sell Death Earn
Loss Order Read
Difficult Fail Spend
Wrong Cost Learn


In some cases it will be impossible for you to eliminate the word, but make sure you're not using any of these words needlessly.

The key is to familiarise your self with both the killer words and words that sell. This may seem insignificant, but I guarantee you will see a noticeable and surprising difference to your sales and profits when you start using words that sell!

About the Author:
Steve Hackney is the world renowned small business marketing expert. He has made tens of millions for his clients and has written no less than 12 best selling sales and marketing books to help the owners of small or medium sized companies quickly grow their businesses. Check out Steve's products, services and free resources online here - http://www.powermarketingstrategy.com

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